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We are very proud of our local cuisine. Specially our heart-warming slow cooked stews: Fabada (pork and bean stew) Fabes con almejes (Bean and clam stew) Pote Asturianu (cabbage, beans and sausages stew) Cabritu con patatines ( Goat and potato stew); Other specialities are “cachopo” (Two veal fillets stuffed with ham and cheese and then fried) “tortos” ( corn fried bread, traditionally served with chorizo and egg but you can find other toppings: caramelised onion , jams, cheeses, etc ), If you have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to leave room for puddings! Frixuelos (pancakes) and arroz con leche (rice pudding) are the best known Asturian desserts but all good restaurants have got their own specialities.

> Casa Sánchez Restaurant <
Located right next to the Sella river and across the road from El Papu Colorau.
Facilities: Dinning area with river views, children play area and parking. Specialised in homemade cooking: Pote Asturianu, cabrito, fabada, roasted lamb.

> El Bodegón del Dobra Restaurant <
Walking distance from El Papu Colorau (500 m. 2.5 ft). El Bodegon del Dobra offers traditional Asturian dishes . Facilities: 2 dinning rooms, children play area, and parking.

> Puente Dobra Restaurant <
1 km/ 0.7 mile from El papu coloráu, Located at the confluence of Dobra and Sella rivers. And near the start of a very popular hiking route “La Olla de San Vicente”. Facilities: 2 dining rooms and parking.
It offers local specialities: sautéed wild mushroom with creamy sauce, cabrito, cachopo and delicious homemade puddings.


If you love wild mushrooms, then Asturias is the place to visit! Due to our particular climate you can find edible wild mushrooms all year round. Native to our region are: saffron milk caps, boletus edulis (porcini), morels, Caesar’s mushrooms, horn of plenty and much more! But please be careful when picking mushrooms as some varieties are poisonous, if in doubt, check with local experts.



There are many reasons to visit Asturias. But if we have to pick out our absolute favourite, it would be our region’s outstanding natural beauty. El Papu Colorau is located right next to spectacular natural sites such as the Dobra River, the Covadonga Lakes, the National Park of Picos de Europa and the Natural Park of Ponga.


Asturias is known for its green valleys and mountains but we have also got some of the most stunning beaches of the world. There are plenty of beautiful beaches to visit. Herewith a small selection : Barru, Cuevas del Mar, Torimbia or Niembru ( Llanes Council) Less than an hour drive from Tornin is the Gulpiyuri beach ( Llanes Council) a true geological curiosity, an inland beach fed by a tunnel through the cliffs. It really looks like it has sprung up in the middle of a green field! If you like surfing, then visit the beaches near Vega and Santa Marina (Ribadesella)


The Sella river is famous for salmon fishing. As it runs near Tornin you can find three fishing weirs: La Cruz, La Vara and Estayos. Additionally to salmon there is plenty of brown trout, and sometimes even eels. Every year when the season starts you can find hundreds of fishermen on the river banks trying to catch “el campanu” which is the first salmon caught of the season. It goes to public auction and can reach thousands of euros.



OOur region is well known for its adventure tourism. Please ask if you would like to book any of the following activities: horse riding, quad and buggies rental, canoeing, white water rafting, paintball, canyoning, caving and zipline tours, via ferratas and High Mountain tours.


If your thing is outdoors sports, then don’t look further. Explore our region by bike, canoe, or running. There are great sporting events that you can attend as well. Every year, on the first Saturday in August, canoeist from all over the world come to Asturias to take part of the International Descent of the Sella River. If you fancy cycling to all the great local attractions, you are welcome to borrow one of our bikes free of charge!


If you like nature as much as we do, you cannot miss the routes that our land offers. Next, we propose a series of places near El papu coloráu that are worth visiting:/p>

> Dobra y Olla de San Vicente Route
1 km/ 0.7 mile from El Papu Colorau . The Dobra is a tributary river that flows into the Sella river. It is born in the heart of the Picos de Europa and it runs through ancient chestnut forest. With its crystal-clear waters, natural waterfalls and numerous rock pools it is the ideal place to visit if you want to have a walk and a swim. The route is approximately 2 miles long. At the very end of the hike you will find the magnificent Olla de San Vicente, a natural pool which can get 5 metres deep.
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> Covadonga Basilica and Lakes
8 miles from El Papu Colorau you can find one of the most iconic places in Asturias. The cave of “Santina” and its historical basilica. The Statue of the Virgin of Covadonga resides inside a cave and can be accessed through a path dug through the rock. Underneath this cave is a natural spring, seeping from the rock to form a beautiful cascade.
The basilica with its characteristic red walls presides over the forests and the valley of Covadonga. The road to the lakes of Covadonga is famous for being part of national and international cycling competitions. It leads to the famous three glacial lakes: Enol, Ercina and Bricial . Bricial lake is the highest of the three and it only forms in spring time when the snow from the mountain’s melts.

> National Park of Ponga
The natural park of Ponga is located on the western side of the Picos de Europa and 9 miles from Tornín . It consists of rugged limestone mountains ranges and deep gorges, and it’s also the home of a great forests of chestnuts, hazelnut, oaks and beechwood trees. The most famous routes are the mythological route of Beyu-Pen and the route of the beech woods of Peloñu.



Would you like to learn how our pre-historic ancestors lived?
In Cangas de Onis you can visit caves with Palaeolithic paintings. The Buxu cave is only 3 miles from our village. It is a place to admire prehistoric cave paintings of horses, goats, deer, bison, and geometric and zoomorphic figures. And 30 minutes’ drive from El Papu Colorau you can find one of the greatest archaeological sites of Europe. The cave of Tito Bustillo is famous for its Palaeolithic cave paintings. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a must see for all those who are interested in prehistoric art. If you would like to travel further back in time when Dinosaur’s walked Asturias; then you can visit Asturias very own Jurassic Park museum – 45 minutes from our Inn.